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Gather together around the table once more to learn how to make the popular fermented tea called kombucha. I will demonstrate the method I use and you will take home your own starter scoby. Learn why our body needs fermented foods and the health benefits this traditional way of preserving can do for your immune system, mental, and physical health. Sample a variety of fermented foods as well as local flavors from Lancaster county.

Learn how to make kombucha by live demonstration. Leave with a gallon  jar, scoby and starter kombucha, tea, sugar, and second ferment swing top bottles so you can make your own home brewed kombucha the next day.

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Our thoughts become our actions and our actions become our reality. If you struggle with emotions and gratitude, Join Registered Yoga Instructor, Lindsay Curtin and Certified Holistic Integrative Health Coach, Sarah Stutzman as we guide you through mindful practices you can use daily to help you conquor toxic emotions so you can have a more peaceful presence. Each guest will make an essential oil roller bottle to help release toxic emotions and replace them with daily affirmatins of gratitude and love. Lindsay will guide guests through a mindful yoga and meditation routine. Brianne will share how gratitude journaling can reset thought processes to a create a joyful and thankful spirit. As always a nutritious brunch will be served.

Class Postponed until January registration coming soon














Watch the full version here…https://youtu.be/FfmDtAvd5Z0